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We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

– Charles Goforth

Southern Suburbs in Cape Town
Individuals, couples & group therapy
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Welcome to My Psychology Practice

I am a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist in Cape Town with special interests in Health Psychology and Functional Medicine, with a particular focus on Holistic Adult Mental Health and Wellness – Treating the “Whole” Person; while adhering to my scope of practice. I prefer to work within an integrative framework, to fit with individual clients’ needs. I am experienced in both short and long term therapy, clinical assessment and consultation, and multidisciplinary team interventions.

Considering Therapy?

One of the major concerns for most of us when considering therapy is that we may have little or no idea of what to expect. If you have to go to your doctor with a cold or an ear ache, you have at least some idea of what sort of treatment to expect. But psychotherapy? Is it just a chat between two people, one of whom calls him- or herself a clinical psychologist (and charges a fee for it)? Or is there more to it than this?

Psychotherapy can help you develop insight into the causes of your emotions and consequential behaviour, and it can create the basis for you to adopt more productive ways of dealing with them. The aim is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to grow out of your challenge so that you can successfully address problems or difficulties that might arise in the future.

Do Any Of The Following Sound Like What You Are Experiencing?

If these issues, or similar issues, resonate with you, then you have made a very important step in the right direction by looking into therapy.


You feel depressed, anxious, stressed out or overwhelmed by life.

Your marriage is in trouble and you are considering a divorce

You struggle with building relationships with people close to you

You are working through grief and loss – and it seems unbearable.


You need effective ways of dealing with difficult people and situations.

You want to understand your thoughts and behaviour